Vasanta Navaratri Sri Rudra Vanadurga Sahita Sundarkanda Vishwa Shanti Maha Yagnam – Live Stream

Vasanta Navarathri

Tues, March 24 – Thurs, Apr 02

Begining on Ugadi, Mar 24, Vasanta Navarathri will be celebrated at the temple. Keeping in mind the current health issues going around, The temple is planning to perform a 10 day Maha Yagnam for Vishwa Shanti (World peace, Harmony, and Good Health). “Sri Rudra Vanadurga Yagnam” and “Sri Sundarakanda Yagnam” will be conducted by the priests at the temple.
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Sri Rudra Vanadurga Yagam: Vanadurga is a form of Goddess Durga, the warrior Goddess residing in the forests and mountains and is one of the forms of Devi worshipped during Navaratri. The powerful VanaDurga Moola Mantra is said to have been chanted to nullify the effects of the Halahala poison that Lord Shiva drank. Devout chanting in the Homa vidhi is said to remove evil influences, fear and sorrow and offer overall protection to all.

Sundarakanda Yagam: Sundara Kandam occurs as the fifth section of the Valmiki Ramyanam and consists of 68 chapters . When asked by Devi Parvathy on the greatness of Sundara Kandam, Lord Shiva says “it is the best of the entire Ramayanam just as the Kalpa vruksha is considered the best among tress and the Kousthuba the best among the gems”.
Devout chanting and listening to Sundarakandam is said to quell all dangers, cure the deadliest of diseases, and confer great well being and protection. At the temple, the priests will chant the verses along with offerings in the sacrificial fire.
Vasant Navaratri


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