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Bala Vikas  – (For Ages 4-11)

Every generation has a responsibility to pass down traditions and values to the next generation.

We must instill in our children, a strong sense of character, culture, and values. It is also very important that we teach them these values, early in their lives, when they have curious, inquisitive minds.

Bala Vikas offers a values-based education to children, using lessons sourced from Hindu scriptures. Classes are offered in the serene environment of the Sai Temple. Lessons are taught by highly motivated volunteer teachers who have a strong desire to make a positive and lasting impact on children.


This Year due to Pandemic all classes going to be ONLINE (Zoom Classes) 


Fill in and submit the registration form – Registration Link

Questions on Bala Vikas registration, please contact KISHOR.


Curriculum: Topics For Bala Vikas By Age Group

Age Group Curriculum
Four-Year-Olds Stories of Gods/Festivals, Panchatantra and Basic Slokas
Five-Year-Olds Bhagavatam (Sree Krishna Leelas), Daily Slokas and Puzzles
Six-Year-Olds Dasa Avataras, Lingastakma, and Puzzles
Seven and Eight-Year-Olds Ramayana, Mahalakshmi Astakam, and Puzzles
Nine and Above

Mahabharata & Krishnastakam

Spring 2021 Class Timings: Bala Vikas meet on alternate Sundays, from 10:15 am – 11:30 am

Bala Vikas starts precisely at 10:15 AM with group practice of Yoga/Surya Namaskar taught by a qualified yoga instructor.  At 10:30, the children start their class.


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