Ekadasa Rudra Homam – Saturday, Nov 27 at 9.00 a.m.

9:00 AM 
(Homa Kunda)

Ekadasa Rudra Homam will be performed int the Homa Kunda on Saturday morning. Rudra namakkam will be repeated eleven times while offerings are made into the holy fire. To have your name included in the sankalpam visit RUDRA HOMAM.
Of the three jobs of creation, protection and dissolution that form the circle of life, Lord Shiva is the destroyer of the world. In a sense, He is the Lord of death, of the body and in the true sense, of the ego. He destroys the thought of ‘I’ within the human mind. When that ego is destroyed, the Self is realized as one with the Supreme. Lord Shiva reveals this Ultimate truth to His true devotee.
The Hymn Sri Rudram is very dear to Lord Shiva. It states His presence in all things in the Universe, in every space on land, air and water. In everything that is good and bad, small and big, beautiful and ugly.
vidyāsu śrutirutkṛṣṭā rudraikādaśinī śrutau 
tatra pañcākṣarī tasyaṁ śiva ityakṣaradvayam 
~ Among the sources of learning, Vedas are Supreme; among the Vedas, Rudra Ekadasini is Supreme; in the Rudram the Panchaksari mantra ‘NamaShivaya’ is Supreme; in the Panchakshari, the two letters ‘Shiva’ stands Supreme.
After chanting Sri Rudram, which identifies Lord Shiva in everything, it is practice to chant the Chamkam. In the Chamakam, the devotee asks to be blessed with everything material. The hymn seeks to show the path to the Divine, through the fulfillment of worldly pleasures.
Worshipping Lord Shiva during Karhtika Masa, while chanting Sri Rudram will fulfill any and all prayers of the devotee who surrenders whole heartedly, body, mind and soul to Him.
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