Skanda Shashti Celebrations – Paal Kudam, Abhishekam, Kavadi Utsavam, Sri Subrahmanya Swamy Kalyanam, 5 pm, Wed, Oct. 25

Skanda shashti celebrations

Skanda Shashti an important festival for devotees of Lord Muruga, begins the day after Diwali. It is observed for 6 days, ending on Shashti. Skanda Shashti is observed to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Lord Subramanya was conceived from the fiery seed of Lord Shiva, and was brought up as six babies by kanyas belonging to the Karthika star. Devi Parvati gathered the six babies into one as ‘Shanmukha’ – ‘the Six faced God’. Shanmukha, as the commander of the Devas, waged a deadly war with the asuras tormenting humankind for 6 days and annihilated Soorapadman on Shashti.

To participate in this Celebrations  – SKANDA SHASTI – Navagraha Building
To Participate in Sri Subramanya Swamy Kalyanam – KALYANAM 6:30 pm – Sri Venkateswara Temple
At the temple, special abishekam, archana and bhajans will be performed every day. Kanda Shashti Kavacham, a very powerful hymn will be recited all days. The word ‘Kavacham’ means ‘ armour’. The hymn serves as an armour to the devotees against all negativities that ail humankind. It is stated in the Hymn itself and believed that any devotee who faithfully recites this hymn 36 times in a day, will get the blessings of all devas residing in the eight directions, have the favor of all near and dear, and the nine planets.
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