DIWALI MELA, 4:00 PM- 8:30 PM, Food Booths, Cultural Programs in the Community Hall – October 21

Please join this fun event.  Bring your friends and family.

This year we’re doing something different for our Diwali Mela. We’re showcasing food specialties from different regions of India as well as the regional style of dress.

If you’re interested in representing your state and running a food stall, please contact Vaishali Tendolkar at 512-468-9432 or email us a

This year we’re also having an online Rangoli Competition. Anyone will be able to make rangoli at home and submit a photo online.

DJ music dance & open mic karaoke, Rangoli competition, Diya lighting at the Ganesha temple. Please call Sanjay Razdan 512 658 3733 (Stalls), Vaishali Tendolkar 512 468 9432 (Cultural), Harish Kotecha 512 773 7815 (Booths)

If you would like to help with the Food Mela, please visit  FOOD MELA VOLUNTEER LINK.

“Thanks to Sam Bass Family Dentistry for sponsoring the Kids’ activity booths”



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