Tulasi Kalyanam – Nov 26, 6:30 pm

jalasya culukena va 
vikrinite svam atmanam 
bhaktebhyo bhakta-vatsalah
 ~~ Sri Krishna, who every affectionate towards His devotees, gives Himself away to the devotee who merely offers Tulasi patra with palm full of water. In the nectar of Devotion, service to Tulsa is glorified as one of the items of devotional service. ~~
Tulasi Saligrama Vivaha • Iskcon Chennai
 Tulasi Kalyanam with Lord Krishna can be performed on any day, from Karthiak Ekadasi to Karthika Poornima. Register at TULASI to sponsor the kalyanam.
 Tulasi Devi came into the world as the daughter of King Kushadvaja and was married to Jalhandara. He drew his strength from Her purity and chastity, so much that even Lord Shiva could not defeat him. So all the Gods took refuge in Lord Vishnu. He appeared before Tulasi Devi in the form of Jalhandara. In the momentary lapse of chastity when She recognized Vishnu as Jalhandara, Jalhandara lost his strength and was defeated in war.
When Tualsi realized that the person She greeted was not Her husband but Lord Vishnu, She cursed the Lord to become a stone. To honor a true devotee, the Lord said He would be a stone in the Kandaki River. He further granted Tulasi Devi that She would always reside with Him in Vaikunta as His consort. He said the She will take the form of a plant which will be considered most auspicious for His worship. Hence His devotees always offer tulsi with the food offered to Lord Vishnu. He wears Tulasi leaves as a garland and is also used for performing archana.
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