Sri Ramanuja Thiru Nakshatram – April 18, 2021

Sri Ramanujacharya was born during the year 1017 AD. He preached the philosophy of Vishistadvaitha -thathva thrayam philosophy i.e. there are only three realities in this universe – Chith (living i.e. our Athaman), Achith (non-living, everything that we can see with our eyes) paramathma (God who created and resides in chith and Achith). To denote this , even today all the saints who follow Swami Ramanuja, carry Thridandam (three flags tied together, representing chith,achith and Sriman Narayana)
Also known as Yathiraja and Emperumanar, Sri Ramanujacharya’s literary works, referred to as the Navaratnas, include Brahma Sutra Bashyam, Vedanta Sutras, Sriranga Gadyam, Vaikunta Gadyam, Saranagathi Gadyam, Gita Bashyam, Nithya Grantham among others.
The prayer he repeated at the beginning of his Sri-Bhasya best describes the essence of his teachings-“May knowledge transformed into intense love directed to Sri Narayana, the highest Brahman, become mine, the Being to whom the creation, preservation and dissolution of the Universe is mere play, whose main resolve is to offer protection to all those who approach Him in all humility and sincerity, and Who shines out like the beacon light out of the pages of the Scripture (vedas).”
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