Nagula Chaviti – Samuhika Abhishekam to Nagendra Swamy – 7.30 a.m. onwards, All Day – Nov 11

Sunday, November 11
7:30 AM onwards, All Day
Nagendra Swamy Abhishekam
Nagula Chavithi will be observed at the temple on Sunday. Devotees can perform abishekam to Nagendraswamy from 7:30 AM, all day, till temple closing. All are welcome to take part in the abishekam and get the blessings of Naga Devata.
Nagula Chavithi is celebrated in parts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka on the fourth day after the Full Moon in the month of Karthika. According to legend, when Devas and Asuras churned the Milky Ocean for Nectar, with Mandara Parvata using the King of serpents Vasuki as the rope, they first encountered Kalakuta or halahala poison. Lord Shiva consumed it, though it did not go down His throat, was held there. In the process, a few drops fell into the ocean. People prayed to the seven headed serpent that they be saved from the ill effects of the poison. This tradition of worshipping snakes is upheld even today. Mothers pray to Naga Devata for the well being of their children.
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