Maha Vidya Homam – March 18, 10 am

Maha Vidya Homam

Maa Durga means who removes all the sorrows, fears, negativities, and fulfill happiness, courage, and wisdom in to our lives.  When Lord Shiva took the Halahalam (the poison came out of sea when Gods and Demons churned it in order to obtain Amrita, the nectar of immortality), He lost his memory and started wondering in the forest.  Then Divine mother Parvati gave Upadesam to Lord Siva in the form of 500 Most Powerful Mantras to bring Him back.

Maha Vidya Homam is one of the most powerful Homams, which gives results right away.  It will help to remove evil things from our bodies, and cures any sort of diseases just by listening those Mantras.

Three of our Temple priests are experts in Maha Vidya Homam, and will be performing together during this auspicious period of Vasantha Navaratri.  This Havan will help to destroy negative tendencies, to attain success in your endeavors, for abundance in wealth, to cure diseases, to bring victory over rivals, controls the malefic effects of planets, etc.   One should perform this Havan for their children’s effective career and good results in education, employment, and marriage pursuits.

All are welcome to participate/witness this Powerful Homam, and get Druga Maa’s blessings.

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Courtesy: Puja & Homam
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