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Traditionally the wedding of Andal and Renganathar is celebrated on the last day of Dhanur Masa. At the Venakteshwara temple, the celestial wedding will be celebrated on SUNDAY at 10:30 am. Devotees can play the role of the parents of the divine bride and groom. Taking part in the marriage celebrations of Andal and Ranga mannar will bring marital happiness, peace and prosperity in the family.

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 Godha Devi is a Vaishnavite saint who adored Lord Vishnu. She grew up listening to stories and songs about Him from her father. As she grew, Her love and adoration for the Lord grew strong and She imagined Herself as His beloved. Even as a child, Godha made up Her mind to marry the Lord Himself. She made garlands with flowers from her garden, wore them, and assured Herself of the beauty of the Lord in those garlands, before She sent them to the temple for Him. One day Her father, Vishnuchittar, saw this. He asked the Lord’s forgiveness for the error in his seva and made new garland for Him. The Lord refused it and said that He did not prefer that garland as it was not worn by Godha. Godha Devi was referred to as ‘Andal’, meaning the ‘One who ruled’ (the Lord).
Godha took up ‘Paaavai Nonbu’, She observed fast and composed hymns on the Lord. Lord Renganatha appeared in Her father’s dreams and directed Him to bring Godha Devi to Srirengam, where the Lord would marry Godha. When Godha entered the sanctum sanctorum of the Lord in SriRengam, She disappeared, thus becoming One with HIm.
Andal nachiyaar composed ‘Tiruppavai’, a collection of 30 poems, imagining Herself to be a cowgirl of Brindavan. She asks for His blessings to serve Him not only in this one birth, but all eternity. Godha Devi also composed another 143 hymns collectively known as ‘Nachiar Thirumozhi’, singing Her yearning for the  Lord in these. Andal is one of the 12 Alwars and the only women in that elite group.
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