BHOGI PANDLU – 6:00 PM @SVT Veda Aseervachanam for kids by temple priests – Jan 13

6:00 PM @ SVT
All children – ages 3 months to 12 years old – are invited to take part
in “Bhogi Pallu”


Bhogi Pallu is a special ritual to be performed on the day of Bhogi (the day before Sankranti).  On Bhogi, the children are dressed up with new clothes. A mix of Regi-Pallu (a special fruit), flower petals, pieces of sugarcane, coins, and jaggery are showered by our Priests on the childrens’ heads.   Bhogi palllu blessings are showered to ward-off evil eye and bless the children with abundance, good health, and long life.  Also, it is a type of solution for “Nara Drishti” and “Graha Peeda Nivarana.”
Temple priests will bless all the children with Bhogi Pallu, Aarati, and Veda Ashirvachanam.  
All are invited to participate and witness this ceremony on this special day of Bhogi!
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